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The Incomparable RIE Approach

When I became a new mom, I felt lost and insecure.. bombarded with so many different opinions, parenting books and methods. Then I discovered RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) and it was the best thing I ever did!

My good friend invited me and my son to join her RIE class in LA and I was so relieved that RIE was not just another idea to read about. For two years, we took our 6 month old to weekly 90 min classes with a group of about 5 kids around the same age. Our insightful teacher Jill Getto Lee, became our RIE parenting coach as we gained a new awareness of our kids and a deeper understanding of the amazing first two years of life.

Magda Gerber’s philosophy on respectful parenting has been invaluable to me as I navigate through parenthood.  Here are my favorite RIE basics that I still practice everyday with my kids (now ages 2 and 5).

Respect your kids, see them as intelligent, enlightened beings.. not objects.

Be present. Especially during feeding, bathing and bed times.

Be patient, slow down to their pace.

Communicate your actions beforehand and encourage their involvement in everything.

Inspire active play with passive toys. Avoid passive play with active toys or screens.

Trust their own ability to learn, develop and problem solve.

Have clear boundaries, offer clear choices.

For all things RIE, one of the best bloggers and writers is Janet Lansbury , she has an abundance of knowledge and information.

If you are a new or soon to be parent and want to find classes in your area click HERE  Also, the annual RIE conference is coming up at the end of the month. For more info click HERE


The Book of Rose – Stories, Wisdom & Bubby-ism’s

After 3 years and countless interviews I have finally finished and self published ‘The Book of Rose’, a memoir about the life and legacy of my amazing ‘Bubby’,(Yiddish for Grandmother) Rose DuCaine.

The intention of this book was to capture her life story as well as her amazing wisdom and insights for our extended family and future generations to come. After our grandfather Abe ‘Zeyda’ passed away 5 years ago, I felt as though I still had so many questions and had missed an opportunity to document his life story.

Bubby Rose is a big inspiration in my life, I quote her all the time and still learn from her every day. I have always jokingly call her ‘para-normal’ because of her incredible health, stamina and longevity. Today, at the age of 94 she lives alone, maintains her home and is completely independent. She is in perfect health and takes hardly any medication. She doesn’t need or wear glasses, has all her own teeth and still goes out in heels! Inspirational, or what?

I admire, adore and appreciate her more than she knows and hope that this book will (in her own words) tell her story, share her wisdom and continue to pass on her legacy.

To preview or if you would to purchase – soft cover starting at $42 or download as a ebook for $6.99 – click HERE!